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Default Obama's foot dragging on oil and gas has backfired

Obama has been dragging his feet against projects like the Keystone oil line and gas liquification plant and terminal licenses. Now that the Europeans are caught with the possibility that Russia will cutoff gas where do you think will the Europeans are going to have to get the gas they need. Where else Good old Uncle Sam.

What is Kerry doing, first he's guaranteeing the Ukrainians the US is going to pay at least a billion dollars of their gas bill to Russia. (Watch this one probably half of the money will go to corrupt politicians Ukranine is supposed to be the most corrupt state in Europe)

And it also looks like the US is going to ship US natural gas to Europe although this maybe doublful because capacity to ship gas in low. Another reason is that Obama is afraid that shipping US gas might upset US ciitizens who have to pay already highly inflated gas bills will hurt the Democrats at the polls. And Obama wants to save his Democratic senators and representatives from American anger at the polls so what will he do.

Possibly he will try to hide the costs for the gas one under some other aid to the poor like he did with the heat and eat bill.

Finally, the liquified gas plant and terminal permits that Obama administration has stalled will be given fast approval despite the screaming environmentalists, but the plants and terminals can't be built fast enough to affect this crisis and the Chinese have dibs on the gas coming out of the plants and terminals.

Oh and the next big whopper to be sent out by the administration is that there is plenty of oil and gas in England and Scotland that can be tapped. The problem is that the British take six months to get a fracking permit through before drilling can start.

Well what goes around comes around.
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