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Originally Posted by cruise planner View Post
I'm surprised your agent wasn't able to provide you the information on this.

But as Kuki said, when an overnight is done in a tendered port, the tenders are usually provided all night long. They normally will offer them on a regular schedule, like every hour or so. The information will be shown on your daily newsletter so you'll be able to see the exact schedule.

And never hesitate to ask questions on this forum as that's what we're here for. But I do agree that the best source of information is your agent and if you didn't book with an agent, then the cruise line is the best people to ask. However, just keep in mind that all things are subject to change, so what happened the last time may not be offered during your cruise.

You know what the heck with it.I have always thought there was alot of well traveled and well educated people on this website.And I thought that asking a few questions and picking their minds that I would benifit from their years of travel and knowledge.I guess I could call my T.A with every little question.But I was enjoying reading the posts here and asking a few questions.But I now feel unwelcome and that I misunderstood the purpose of this web site.So I would like to thank everyone for all the great advice over the years but maybe its time to move on
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