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Originally Posted by Travelbuggs View Post
Interesting itinerary! We love Vancouver. We were there last year for our Alaska cruise and would love to go back. I assume you are close enough to Vancouver to drive or take the train back home. Lucky you! Enjoy your trip.
We looked a long time at diffrent itinerarys but this one caught are eye.We like the idea of two overnighters in port then some seadays at the end of the cruse .I wish some of the cruise lines would do more overnighters in port but probaly wont happen.Altho I did notice there are a few overnighters on some Mexico cruises.Its a two air flight from Vancouver to get home not bad .We have never been to Vancouver before did some looking around on the internet looks like theres alot to do there we will probaly end up spending an extra day or two there. Whoops rambling on again better stop
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