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Another thing people need to think about is this - with all of the DATA storage that is now available NOTHING will ever go away. Any email you write will remain in eternity.

And it is almost like they planned this. Remember how we all used to have "POP" email accounts where all email was downloaded to our computers. Then they made IMAP so convenient that is what most of us use now, and that means you can hardly even set up a private email folder anymore.

I use an email program called THUNDERBIRD that lets me keep my old email, and private folders in my computer. But if you use Windows Live - everything is on Microsoft's or Gmail's server.

And cookies - OY. You know, Facebook has a presence on almost every web site online, and if you are a member those web sites will track you and get your facebook profile.

If you really want to be anonymous in this world - you would never use your real name for anything online.
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