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Originally Posted by taeo View Post
Sorry for taking so long to respond! Thank you both for your information and advice.

After some consideration we've decided not to take the course. We're cruising with friends and feel like the schedule would cut too much into our time with them. We'll probably see if we can get our friends to do a Snuba or Discover Scuba excursion with us. In the future we might look into the possibility of doing the book work and pool dives at home in Baltimore but finish the open water portion of the course while cruising!
There is a wonderful scuba lake in Pennsylvania not too far from Baltimore! Check it out; Dutch Springs

But I applaud your decision not to take the course on the ship. If you want to do the resort course, there are several good ones out there both in Cozumel and Grand Cayman. However, I would really suggest you do an Introduction to Scuba Diving before you go. Contact a couple of the scuba shops in your area to see who is offering it, when, where, and how much. Normally the price is about $25 and will be held in a local pool. They outfit you in the gear, give you some basic instructions, and let you swim around in the deep end of the pool. This will tell you if it's something you can handle. Some people find it very claustrophobic, while others can't clear their ears. And some cannot handle breathing through their mouth through the equipment. So if there are going to be any problems, it's best to find out before signing up for a resort course.

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