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Celebrity has gone one step towards making money spent count by revising their Captain's Club points system. While Royal does give you 2 points for a suite (any suite) per night, and 1 point for all other cabins, Celebrity now awards points from 2 to 18 points per night. Inside and standard outside cabins get 2 points, a balcony gets 3, and then the suites are 5, 8, 12, or 18 points depending on the suite level. Quite a point spread. Thus to make their new Zenith loyalty level (akin to Pinnacle Club on Royal), you need 3000 points and you won't easily get there by booking the cheapest cabins.

But the loyalty club monster continues to grow and they all will have to do something about it. In order to control crowding at the nightly Diamond member cocktail party, Royal is now putting 3 free drinks on member cruise cards that are valid at any bar during the hours the Diamond lounge is open - trying to get people to go somewhere else for their drinks. They tested it on the Independence a few months ago and I understand they started it again on that ship.
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