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Default Cruise Ships.....that FLY!

First time visit, first time post.

Hello. I am going to build airships; "flying cruise ships". It is a long and difficult process; now 33 years long. But it will certainly come.

No, not the Hindenburg re-visited; and not blimps. Instead, modern, fully rigid-shelled airships that are lifted by helium, but constructed as strong as airplanes and able to fly in virtually all weather, safely and comfortably.

Amenities on board the airships will be much like those on board marine vessels (except, we can't have swimming pools! lol!) Nevertheless, private staterooms with showers, dance floors, dining rooms..........huge picture windows and unparalleled sightseeing all over the world.

Ideally, we'll eventually make a joint partnership(s) with a cruise personal first choice will be Princess and/or Cunard.

I'd like to begin building a community of people who have interest in this;so, I'm posting this one little note right now.

Please, make a comment, ask a question, pass the word, ask a friend about the idea, write an email to me if you wish........

thank you!
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