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Originally Posted by thecruisequeen View Post
The nightly Diamond Lounge is getting out of hand way too many cruisers. On A&O Diamond lounge is great since they open Blaze Nightclub for the event.

I'll be on Indy soon so the 3 drink plan may work if the lounge is jam packed with cruisers.

And let's face it some Members take advantage and sit there for much longer then they should taking up seats.

On the Freedom there were two couples who were cruising together and they would go to the lounge right when it opens go to dinner then after dinner go to the lounge again.

What do you mean "longer than they should"? They have a right to be there as long as they want.

I like it when vouchers are given out. I can go to other bars and drink w/friends I am cruising with & use my vouchers or drink with Pax I have gotten friendly with on board. Also, I can take a glass of wine to the MDR.

As far as the future cruise certificates, they are no good to shareholders, discounted cruises or anything else RCL can think of.

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