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By choice, I have not watched FOX, CNN, MSNBC since last November and don't miss the "noise"...I did however, catch full coverage on C-SPAN of CPAC which is always entertaining to me

However, I do love music and just finished a book about "race music" during the 1950's and many of the same "observations" that Bill has been ranting about today, are almost word for word the same as those made by his counterparts in the 50's..I am a child of Woodstock and did not suffer any life long damage because of it

One should never try to censor artists or their and social media has changed the playing field in terms of how music distribution is done so Bill is out of step, once again

To keep it on a cruising topic..many of NCL's Sixman music charters feature popular artists based strictly on downloads and Youtube and not sales of CD's or albums or live concerts
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