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Bill did not make his fortune or keep his ratings up by keeping his mouth closed

I watched a special about Cab Calloway on PBS....:Minnie the Moucherlyrics were about heroin and the fast live...huge hit in it's time and still popular today in the dance clubs that feature music and dances of that era...wonder what Bill would say about Cab Calloway

Every year on my full charter Capital Jazz SuperCruise they have a forum regarding the state of the music industry and it's hosted by industry leaders and media distribution types's usually on the last full day at sea...held at 10 am in the atrium and is packed..which is an indication of the interest level

I learned two critical things...1) the full charter music cruises have actually replaced the ji"brick and mortar" type clubs where music fans can be immersed in the music from the greatest number of artists and support the artists by purchasing their music while onboard...2) the internet, technology (cloud) and social media has changed the industry and studio executives who push crap x rated music and videos are losing their control...

AR...I remember listening to "Wolfman Jack" playing those songs with questionable lyrics late at night in my room with my earplugs...on tv Ed Sullivan dictated what music was acceptable and Dick Clarke's American Bandstand was not carried in the South because he had Little Richsrd on his show where teenagers of all Races danced together

Bill would have had a field day during that era in trying to dictate his edict on postive role models for the youth of this age of TMZ and Youtube someone is going to dig up pictures of video of Bill when he was at Marist that will not be consistent with his dictate today

I would have never started this thread but Bill called Beyonce a "thug" which is code..she may be many things but "thug is not one of would be fitting that at this year's WH Correspondents dinner he will be seated at the same table with Beyonce and her husband Jay Z and Miley Cyrus....C-SPAN's ratings would be thru the roof and The Daily Show would have enough material to win another award
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