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Originally Posted by Floridanamaw View Post
I popped on here to ask about the Aft balconies on the Dream. I had the same questions because I've heard about the soot, ect. Now after looking at the picture on here of the Breeze aft. I see it's not covered like the mid ship balconies. Are all the aft balconies like this? I like having the cover from the sun.
In my experience with aft balconies, and I've booked a number of them on different ships, is that almost all are uncovered. The only exception to this has been on Voyager of the Seas where the aft balcony was completely covered and was more like having a balcony in a pole barn than a true aft balcony. You were actually a long way from the water. The balcony was dark, dreary and the voices and noises of everyone echoed. Otherwise, all other aft balconies were nice, open and relaxing.

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