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Originally Posted by TimmyK View Post
Travelbuggs. Here are a few questions.
1. How much or little did you use your butler and concierge? A little or lot.
2. What type of situations did you use them for?
3. Do suite guests have reserved seats at theater or pool
4. Other than using Cagneys for breakfast or lunch where else can you eat breakfast? Our two adult children will be on cruise in a regular cabin.
5. Is there a shower in suite verses tub.

I have stayed in three suites on NCL and I found that I used the concierge very little. I booked my own excursions and, other than being greeted each morning in Cagney's, we had no other interaction. I left her a $20 gratuity.

Two of the times we used the butler for in cabin meal service and for handling some laundry. Otherwise he delivered the afternoon canapes and filled the coffee machine and that was about it. On a twelve day cruise we tipped $100 and on the seven day cruise we tipped $75.

We had one butler who was worthless. When we asked about having in suite dining he basically gave us a sob story about how he had cabins at each end of the ship and that he would rather serve food from the main dining room than the specialty restaurant because he could just go in and grab it. We didn't dine in the suite and he received $20 for a ten day cruise.

There was no reserved seating by the pools. You can check to see if you have access to the "Haven" area but I believe that the only suites, not located in the Haven area, that have access are the Owners Suites.

You can eat your meals in any venue. You do not have to eat in Cagney's for breakfast and/or lunch.

You have both a shower and tub in the suite.

Take care and enjoy.
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