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Good Morning

Sitting here with my morning coffee watching my cat at the window wishing and thinking " if only I could get to one of those birds", he will sit there the whole day watching them.

Well my niece leaves for her first cruise Friday , ship leaves Saturday and I'm so excited for all of them. She must call me 10 times a day with questions...I've schooled her as much as I could.
I also explained to her that her cruise experience will be very different from mine as I travel with friends and she going with her hubby and kids, never the less I feel I've been able to lead her in the right direction.

Need to take the boy for some new shoes today, i don't know why he won't just go by himself to get them after all he's 18 and knows how to drive. I'm noticing he doesn't like driving and I'm not sure he wants to grow up....seems to be perfectly content with mom taking care of him.....I'm not complaining ....he's my tiny

Wishing all my mates a great day!
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