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Originally Posted by TimmyK View Post
Travelbuggs. Here are a few questions.
1. How much or little did you use your butler and concierge? A little or lot.
2. What type of situations did you use them for?
3. Do suite guests have reserved seats at theater or pool
4. Other than using Cagneys for breakfast or lunch where else can you eat breakfast? Our two adult children will be on cruise in a regular cabin.
5. Is there a shower in suite verses tub.

1 and 2. The butler will bring afternoon canapés and leave them for you. You will probably get a delivery from the Hotel Director like choocolate covered strawberries, and i think we got a cheese tray from someone else in addition to the regular delivery. If you have preferences you can ask. We did have the butler deliver breakfast from Cagney's one morning. We set it up with her the day before and it was right on time. Also had dinner from a specialty one night, also arranged early in the day. ( you pay the cover ). You can probably ask for things last minute, but I hate to make life difficult for anyone. Ask the butler for all the menus. You can probably get desserts delivered from the specialties anytime for no extra charge. The butler takes care of requests for services inside the room over and above what the steward would do.

The concierge will book tours for you, make dinner reservations. You will probably see her/him each morning as you enter Cagneys, or you can call them anytime. On some ships there is a designated area where they have a desk, like the Star Bar. I think we might have made dinner reservations a couple times, but we are mostly spur of the moment, walk up kinds of people. We mostly used ours for priority disembarkation final day and in ports.

3. No reserved seating on pool deck for suite guests. If you are in Haven, you'll have your own pool. Many people complain about lack of seating by the pool and chair hogging. This is a non issue for me. No desire to be there. There is plenty of seating a little further away.

I think there is a suite section in the main theatre on most of the ships. Ask the concierge what the arrangement is. We never used it on our ships, preferring to just go early and choose our favorite locations.

4. For breakfast/lunch, you can also go to the buffet of course, or there will be a 24 hour place with cooked to order breakfasts and lunch items. Some ships have a buffet open area on the aft of the ship called the Great Outdoors which is wonderfull for breakfast and lunch. Not sure if yours does. Also the MDR is open for breakfast and lunch. If you ask your butler, you can arrange for an ensuite breakfast for your party in your room to include your adult kids.

5. Not sure about the cabin set up as far as tub/shower. All ships seem to be different. One suite had just a shower in it and another had a tub with shower and an additional separate shower.

Never had a bad butler, as someone else mentioned. Our last one also helped out with the Haven suites all the way on the other end of the ship and we sometimes saw her at one of the bars, picking up drinks for someone. I swear she must have been cloned! Every request was met with a smile, but we also tried to be considerate of her time. I saw someone post somewhere that they saw their butler 7, 8 or more times a day! That is just over the top to me! But, if you feel you have a problem with one, I would discuss it with the concierge.
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