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I have to agree with Cruiseshipmuso. Tracy's King Crab Shack is dang good. It is fresh and delicious. The crab bisque is also very good. I dropped $40 there and ate until I couldn't eat no more. One leg was almost as long as my arm.

It is just what it says: A crab shack. You will eat outside, on paper plates and plastic cups and utensils, but it's worth it. Crab prices fluctuate and based on what I've seen here at home I would say that their prices are also going to be a bit on the high side but you do get your money's worth.

There are also a number of salmon bake excursions that are quite good. I have never been a big salmon fan but I found the excursion we went on to have some pretty good salmon. Some ship mates we met went on a private salmon bake and were very happy that Halibut was also offered. I would have loved that one.

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