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Originally Posted by cheekyhoney View Post
thankyou for that have replied I hate to bother you all but I have just a couple of quick questions..
I have prepaid my gratitudes but was wondering who this is too? do I need to tip my porter or the waiter etc. I am from Australia and do not want to offend anyone by not tipping them as tipping is not essential here...
Also seeing that you have cruised this before I was looking at certain excursions but was wondering if there was anything in particular that stands out.. I am doing the glaciar hlicopter, the white pass railway but tossing up wether I should do the Yukon part as well, I think I have also decided to do dog sledding, lumberjack jack show, and misty fjords and wilderness explorer.. Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated

thankyou cheekyhoney
Your gratuities will cover your waiter, asst. waiter, cabin steward, asst cabin steward. You can give a few dollars to the porters when you drop your bag and to whoever brings your room service order ($2). There will be an automatic 15% added to any bar order. With pre-paid gratuities you will not need to tip anyone unless you wish to give someone something for going above and beyond to make your cruise more enjoyable.

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