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Good morning everyone.

It is a sunny day with highs forecast into the 50's. That's only going to last a couple of days. A blizzard and winter storm warning are forecast for Monday and Tuesday. This is getting old. Last year we had snow into May and I won't be surprised if the same holds true for this year.

Not too much on the agenda for today. I did do a bit of wash yesterday but the brain went on vacation and I didn't get to the vacuuming and dusting. Hmmmm, maybe it's psychosomatic or a defense mechanism to cleaning.

Today will be the vacuuming and dusting and then this afternoon we pick the kids and grandkids up at the airport. They spent a great Spring Break at an All Inclusive in Puerto Vallarta. They had a blast. The highlight was swimming with the dolphins. My daughter's friend is one of the Vets who works with the dolphins. They also do dolphin rescue and rehabilitation for injured dolphins. Last year they rehabbed and released eighteen dolphins back to the wild. The dolphins that they use for the Dolphin Interaction are animals that cannot survive in the wild.

Here is my granddaughter with her new boyfriend.

I hope everyone has a great Saturday and a wonderful weekend.

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