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Good Sunday morning gang!

I logged in late last night however would not let me post.

TM I'm glad your Mom is pain free!!

Bob wow Star Clipper that is something different from the mainstream lines!!

I don't think any older person wants to be in a home and the best is to have them home with loved ones however sometimes that is not possible depending on what is their condition and exactly what care is needed for them. It's one thing if they are able to walk and get around but if they are not then we are talking about bathing and diaper changes if the person is a smaller frame built it is easier however a male or a larger framed person may need more then one person to be attended to.

A person with Dementia And can walk is very difficult as they need 24/7 nonstop care. However in a wheelchair is easier as they can't go anywhere. I had a friends Mom with Dementia who was able to walk and would undress and go outside and wonder. Finally after a few episodes the family decided a home would be the safest place for her.

There is nothing easy about having an older family member in not good health. It's very depressing....

Off to spend the day with Dad!!
I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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