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Good morning Gang.

Bob, it sounds like your BIL is in denial about his grandmother. My brother was about my dad. He let my mom struggle with him until she had to put him in a home, where he did so poorly they asked us to remove him. I was the one who got him. He was in a wheelchair and had multiple health problems to go along with the dementia. I have my own health problems.

He's taking the same route with my mom. We filled out the health care proxy yesterday, along with the living will. I'm in charge of things and my niece, his daughter, will step up and be in charge if something happens to me.

Anyway, I had a wonderful day yesterday with the niece and her baby, and my daughter before she left to go back to school. We had pizza and took Kate to the park to play. She wore us out going down the slide a million times! It was a fun day.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.
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