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Warning: Lufthansa Pilots Union will be on strike scheduled for April 2nd - April 5th, 2014.
Make arrangements to use alternative code share partners ASAP, remember flights leaving from West coast of USA/Canada will not arrive in Germany until next day.

I am flying to Rome using United air miles with Star Alliance partners US Airways, which is leaving the program on 3/31/14.

Anyway only 50K for 1st class lax - Charlotte, then Envoy (business) to Rome, lands at 9:45 AM. Purrrrfect!

My return was 70K for business class flying on "2nd deck" only 16-seats upstairs on code share partner Lufthansa from Rome - Frankfurt departs in evening, allows 3/4 of the day in Rome (overnight layover in Frankfurt "Hilton points" @ Garden Inn in the airport) 12 hours of Zzzzzzz's, then non-stop 10.5 hours to LAX on the new 747-800. Total miles 120 K. Fellow frequently flyer junkies', check-out Seat Guru for picking your seats and always join the airlines frequent flyer program, you can set up TEXT/e mail warnings on last minute gate changes and or schedule changes, plus always have your flight/hotel itinerary in the center of luggage, helps the airline locate luggage/passenger if delayed or lost.

I'll book a last minute cruise after the cancellations penalties kick in Aug/Sept. 2014. I found 6 cruises to pick from departing Rome and or Barcelona.

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