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1. Is there an area where soft drinks are free 24/7. Or do we have to buy drinks packages.
Tea, coffee, water is always available in the self-serve restaurant or your stateroom. Grapefruit, Orange & Apple "juice" are available during the breakfast from machines in the self serve, but these are turned off as soon as the breakfast period ends.
I don't recall P&O even doing a soft-drink card, although this may have changed, and again it will only be from a dispensing 'gun' at the bar :o(
Of course there is nothing to stop you bringing soft drinks on board, either on embarakation or at any port of call.

2. Once we board our flight, do we collect our luggage and take it to the ship, or is that done for you?
If you have arranged travel & transport yourself, then you will be respsonsible for getting your luggage as far as the dock, they are then taken & delivered to your stateroom.
If however you have arranged complete transport with P&O and it advertises transfers, then they SHOULD look after your luggage, but I would never trust that without emailing them first & getting explicit confirmation that they will look after the luggage & be responsible for non-delivery

3. Does anyone know what age category for clubs that a 14 yr old would fit into?
A fourteen year old will be in the oldest club (13 - 17 yrs olds). The clubs always seem to get excellent reviews and are of course free :o)

4. Can we take our own wine on board providing we carry it as hand luggage?
P&O do have a flexible approach to people taking their own drink on board, they say that they "reserve the right to remove drink & return it to you on the last evening", but in practice, I have never seen this happen, and reckon it is more a way of preventing short cruises turning into Booze Cruises with all the potential isses that can bring. We always take a couple of bottles of wine for in-stateroom use, and even buy ashore to bring back on whilst on the cruise.
The worst that can happen is that you carry it on, hand it over, then have to either drink on the last evening, or carry it back off again when you debark.

5. Is formal, true formal. ie., evening dress and black tie?
Yes formal is a fairly formal affair, well for the men anyway. However it does not need to be a full black tie affair, and many will wear a dark suit & tie - although you may feel outnumbered.
Also, if you choose to eat in the alternative or self-serve (or room service) on those nights, then there is no need to dress up unless you want to drink in Andersons or the Crows Nest.

6. Can we decorate our doors with magnetic decorations, not sticky?
In the past we have decorated ours with Hallowe'en fare & had no issues, in fact the stewards seem to enjoy seeing a change to the normal doors.
P&O themselves will put balloons up for birthdays/anniversaries, on one ccrusie we even saw (where pax missed the short at a port) photo's of everything they had missed when they caught up with the ship)

Hope these answers are of some help,
Alan & Katrina
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