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Originally Posted by jefeinoc View Post
Hello, just signed up.

My wife and I are planning our first cruise. We are in our early 50 late 40 area. I have traveled and have spent much of my life outside the US on business, always flying. My wife has lived abroad with me for about five years in Mexico when we both worked on a development project there. We have never taken a cruise before in our lives (though I have taken supply ships to one or two places definitely not the same thing). My wife wants what I consider kind of middle of the road for her first trip, I am not overly enthused. I like themes, it could be lectures, writings, museums, just about anything. Since its our first, what would be good that would fulfill both of our needs and our make sure we both have a good time. Thanks

A travel Agent is a great source to obtain a wealth of information and advise.

Details should include, Ships, regions, tours & insurance.

Many different type's of coverage's available for travelers.

Cruise lines will start cancelations penalties from earliest date including tours, hotels, air travel, providing you booked through the cruise line.

If you and your wife have an existing HMO or PPO medical insurance, you must obtain a pre-approval package from your insurer or you may not be reimbursed on medical cost.

Trip Cancelation insurance is costly and much of the coverage is secondary to coverage you already may have or may receive, such as your airline have limited coverage on lost/delayed baggage or your home-owners policy (hazard) may cover personal items that are excluded on most other policies, such as computers, cell phones, camera's etc.
Auto rental companies offer insurance, you should understand that your primary auto policy may cover a rental excluding deductible, unless hit by an uninsured driver and if you decline the coverage from the auto rental company, your credit card company should cover the deductible and contain additional under-insured coverage, you must contact your insurer and get a copy of your policy to obtain full details and exclusions.

Please note: labor union strikes are not covered, Lufthansa start a strike on April 1st - April 5th 2014.

You can even purchase primary medical coverage with trip evacuation, these policies will cover accidents while abroad, most policies will not cover pre-existing conditions. Most of these policies are 80/20 meaning you will have a deductible normally around $250 plus liable for the first 20% of reasonable medical cost up to policy limit, the European Union have charts for medical cost.
Many of these policies include trip evacuation coverage and death benefits.
Remember, one drop of alcohol in your blood will cancel out your coverage, so if you plan on drinking cold beers or glass of wine, reconsider the purchase of this type of coverage.

The season's dictate the ships ports, ships in Europe reposition to Alaska/Caribbean normally around September & return in May, 2014.

That being said, You should determine budget, Europe is far more expensive and requires transatlantic flights/hotels and the exchange rate is around 40% higher, once your there.

Always fly to your port of embarkation early, Europe several days, Caribbean/Alaska 1- full day minimum.

Then you should determine what type of cabin you want: Inside, ocean-view, Balcony or Suite?

Itineraries and ships will be your main decision, newer or older ship?
Mega Liners or medium size ships.

I suggest you check-out the ship reviews here on Cruise Mates, great stuff.
Anyway good luck

PS, if you are thinking of booking on a Princess cruise, I can send you a referral, you will get a $25 per person discount, providing you complete the Princess referral form they send you via e-mail before booking.
You can use any travel agent, online agency or book direct with cruise line, your choice.

Bon Voyage
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