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Originally Posted by Tiffany Harter in kansas View Post
I recently got to know the most gorgeous man ever in the world on the carnival magic. He was amazing
I'd love to find him. He's the kind of person I've dreamt of all my life. I know his first name and his job, and where he is from.

How do i get in touch with him?
Bottom line, not a good idea, unless you just like costing someone a job and having them hate you for it. I have a friend who was part of the entertainment staff, and though she is attractive(though I am not into her that way, but there was another woman who did work on board I had my eye on, but the same goes for her), I would never had tried to date her for that very reason. No relationship is worth costing someone their job, and anybody who would do that to someone could never really love them, as that is a selfish act and real love is selfless. I am just trying to get to the key point here and not judge you, but only make you think.

Need some cruise help?
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