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So, so very sorry for RD and MikeM who are getting more snow this week. I can say, they certainly deserve to see spring soon!

We are in the upper 50's today and to get rain for the next several days. That will probably green up everything around here. Aerogirl is having similar weather to us, just getting the rain a little sooner!

Manuel has the perfect place to retire. Maybe someday!

Hi to LS80. Other than that, not much else to report.

Dealing with a family property issue that is driving my DH and I insane (I know, it is a short trip!). Going to the courthouse tomorrow to get necessary paperwork and doing something about it soon. The family just wants to talk and talk and talk about it and not doing anything constructive to settle it. Well it is time to do something and quit talking!

Have a good day to all
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