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The most recent recession exposed the weak links in an employer based health care provider system...folks lost their jobs and could not find another for more then 61 days and could not afford COBRA or the high risk pools....the #1 cause of bankruptcy is massive medical bills

Common sense would dictate that both parties work together on this issue, but what folks forget is upon his election POTUS O'Bama called for a bi-partision effort to address this issues and the Republicans refused to participate....easier to take pot shots....while never offering a written plan as an alternative to the American public

I read a book about the opposition that Republicans gave POTUS Franklin Roosevelt about Social Security in the 1930's....almost sounds like they are using the same script

When a Southern Republican Gov proclaims that the States are in the best position to handle it, I shudder because I am old enough to remember pre 1965

As my Grandfather taught me, when it comes to politics, follow the $$$$$...with the recent SCOTUS ruling that just became harder...I think it will backfire on the Republicans but not before it does major damage to our political process...anyone remember the Keating 5 and why laws were passed to tightly control campaign spending
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