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I am at the Diamond Plus level, so, at least for the time being, I get to use both the Concierge Lounge and the Diamond Lounge, which have become more alike than different in the past couple of years. However it is pretty much assured that when RCI finishes installing stand alone Diamond Lounges on all the older ships, they will make the Concierge Lounge gold card access only - meaning only those in suites and Pinnacle Club members will be able to use them. But then the Diamond Lounges also have a designated concierge, the free evening cocktails, coffee machine, etc., so it really isn't that big of deal to me, if and when it happens.

I get 45 minutes free internet, and so does my wife, so having a combined 90 minutes is a nice perk.

The biggest perk for me is probably the discount I get for a balcony or suite, and the D+ and Pinnacle members have the same amounts for this discount. It ranges from $125 to $350 based on when you booked the cruise, and the length of the cruise. So, since I booked the maiden voyage of Anthem Of The Seas the other day and it is 15 days long, I got $350 off the cruise fare.
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