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Another warm start in NW Ohio. To be near 60 before the temps drop into the 40's with lots and lots of wind. Not to mention the rain, but, like travalgalSue, we are a soggy mess. Even had water over the road yesterday when I went to get the dogs from the groomer. It was water from the field that did not soak in, so it was not terribly deep, but cannot hit it full speed or you will wipe out the car.

Doesn't make a lot of sense to get the dogs groomed so they can go outside to do their business in this mucky weather. My younger mini Aussie is a real prissy dog when it comes to rain. She just looks at me while blinking the rain out of her eyes like "really mom, you want me to go out in THIS!" But, given the chance, she will roll her newly cleaned fur in the mud if I turn away from her!!

RD has snow (yet again) and canuckity has spring weather!!??? I guess Canada has its differences just like we do here. Sorry for the snow RD and I hope canuckity has a good sleepover with the grandson.

Enjoy the beach, Manuel, and think of all of us who are unable to get to a beach anytime soon!!

Hello to the Pacific NW and LS80!

travelgalSue, I bet you are so happy to have that cast off. Just being stuck in the house this time of year is bad enough, let alone having a cast on to make any travel outside the house a major hassle. Enjoy watching the square dance and time out of the house!!

Hope all have a great weekend!
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