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Good afternoon Gang. My neighbor and friend Bea stopped by this morning as I was starting the laundry and asked if I wanted to go visit mom. (I don't drive for medical reasons.) Just got back a bit ago. Mom was glad to see us. She is doing better about not getting up without help but has a case of cabin fever. I really can't blame her but she not really going anywhere until they get the infection under control.

She hates the food they are bringing her. She says it's awful. It's not really that bad. I think it's more that she has no appetite. I took her some cookies she likes. I hope she'll eat some of them. I'm going to take her some peanut butter crackers tomorrow.

CQ, I couldn't take visiting with a port that close. I would be booking cruises left and right...would not matter if I could afford them or not. How is your dad doing? I know it's difficult for you. I'm glad you have a cruise to look forward to.

I also know TM and Bob have family members in a bad way. I'm thinking of you guys, too. xoxo

Well, off to chores. Have a good day all.
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