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Good morning all.

Moiraine, it is good to hear your mom is doing well. Even with an infection, she is feisty about the food and the cabin fever! Hopefully, the infection will be cleared quickly! Glad you have neighbors that look out for you and will help you with travel when needed!

green_rd, I had the bed alarm put on me once when I was in hospital with a DVT and a PE. I had a witch of a nurse. Was only nurse to use it (one shift) the entire three days I was in the hospital. I did listen to them when they said to call when I needed up! When I would call for a nurse to use the facilities, the nurse always forgot to turn it off and then the witch of a nurse would come flying into my room to chew me out and find me with another nurse and have to back off. I was glad when her shift was OVER!

Blessings to Manuel, Bob, CQ and all others that have family members with grave health problems. Hope all is well!

Have a good day to all!
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