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Default Did President Obama get chewed out by the Saudi Arabians?

President Obama went to see the Pope and came back with great pictures, but no commitment from the Pope other than "Help the poor."
How can anyone resist that appeal since its a growing problem in the United States and we are all aware of it.

Next on the agenda were the Saudi Arabians. I got a feeling although very little leaked out that the president got an earful. He didn't have much to offer the Saudis since everyone knows that the shoulder fired missiles they want the Syrian rebels to get will end up in the hands of the jehadists. Just as the missiles did from the Libyan arsenals. So Obama leaned over as he usually does looking in the eyes of the Saudi royalty and as he whispered more military aid to Saudi Arabia, no complaining about human rights in Saudi Arabia and the promise he'd do something in Syria.

Now we see what he probably did was first of all chewed out Secretary of State Kerry finishing with his instruction to Kerry probably was something like " Come up with something that will make the Arabs happy." It came out today that Kerry advocates military intervention in Syria. This is the political bone he will offer to the Arabs. But guess what the Pentagon doesn't want to do military intervention in Syria. This is funnier than a three ring circus because the other part of the Obama administration doesn't want to have military intervention blamed on Mr. Obama since it will affect mid term election results.

I'll bet that Mr. Kerry has been told he will be out when the Clintons come in 2016, Madeline Albright will be brought in so that she can reinforce her position "What's the point of having this superb military that your always talking about if we can't use it."

I'm happy that General Demsey has fought with Kerry and like Colin Powell said Mr. Albright was treating American GIs like "Toy soldiers to be moverd around on some sort of global game board."
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