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Originally Posted by Moiraine View Post
CQ, I couldn't take visiting with a port that close. I would be booking cruises left and right...would not matter if I could afford them or not. How is your dad doing? I know it's difficult for you. I'm glad you have a cruise to look forward to.
Funny thing is only two of my cruises where from my home port all other cruises were from Florida with airfare needed.

Dad is stable. It kills me to see him in a Home with a wheel chair, diapers and feeding tube. They have been giving him lunch recently(puree type food) in addition to the feeding tube and are looking into starting to give him dinner too eventually get him off the feeding tube. However he has been coughing the last few days so the Doctor will be seeing him to make sure he does not have an ammonia which he already had a few months ago. If he gets an ammonia again then no food by mouth at all just feeding tube. Two steps forward then two steps back.

It's been very upsetting and depressing these past few years. Cruising soon time to "Recharge" myself. My battery level is rather low with all the running around.
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