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Good morning all.

I've been AWOL for a couple of days. I had a doctor's appointment on Monday that was a total waste of time. The University of Minnesota Hospitals has implemented a "new" Surgical Pre-Screening System. I met with five people and they all asked the same questions. Plus, the answer to every medical question was already on their system. Oh well, I guess it's a CYA procedure they've implemented.

Yesterday, I did some work outside. Like Donna, our snow is "almost" gone and I was able to clean up some "snirt" and patch a whole in my redwood siding that a woodpecker has been picking at for the last week. There are probably a few hundred thousand boxelder bug larvae in their. It was then that I decided that the redwood siding is coming off the house and a maintenance free alternative is going on.

Today, is another tax day. Yesterday, my niece called in a panic, and said her Turbo Tax said she owed $54,000 to Federal and $19,000 to state. I don't think so. She doesn't even make that much a year. She's said she didn't fat finger anything but it's pretty evident that she did.

I hope all are well and that everyone has a wonderful week.

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