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The greatest legacy would be if more Americans actually voted in Local, City, State, Congressional and off year Presidential elections...the suppression of votings rights are in the States which are dominated by one party which derives it's power(and in fact counts on) low voter turnout and then uses that power to surpress rights to maintain political control

If everyone who voted in the recent Presidential election, turns out to vote in November for the midterm elections, then LBJ's legacy would be honored

We just had an election for City Council where the turn out was less then 20% of eligible voters (and that was considered a high turn out)

When he signed the Bill, LBJ knew he was delivering the South to the opposite party, which if one notices were very silent today as they were last Summer during the celebration of the March on Washington

Based upon political background LBJ and Earl Warren, would be least likely to be considered to be on the right side of history on this light of recent events, I sense that the Country is going backwards
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