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The voter supression legislation that has been passed in these states are much greater that voter id....changing polling locations to make it harder for citizens that don't own cars or are dependent on public transportation to be able to vote....shortening early voting periods in certain districts to favor one party rather then statewide compliance..... eliminating voting on Sundays in certain states..... crafting targeted laws that allow College students to be able to vote in one County while in the next County they can only vote in the district that their parents reside or by absentee ballot..... selected application of challenging voter id presented in target voting areas.... selected purging of voter registration roll calls without due process..... elimination of same day voter registration in certain state legislation, restructuring voting districts in such a manner to change demographic profiles...

obtaining the actual id, is the least of the issues..the actual ability to use it is what the issue is...voter intimidation takes many forms both overt and covert as we can bear witness thru the court challenges

I will gladly keep you updated
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