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Good morning everyone.

Like Donna, the melting is almost done here and perhaps, perhaps, Spring is really here. The last bit of my five foot plus drift, on the side of my driveway melted yesterday and the only snow left in the yard is a small patch on the northwest side of a pine tree. That should be gone today.

Now I just have to wait a few days for the lawn to dry out and then I can clean up the little vole mounds of grass and some other stuff. I get butchered a week from Monday so I won't be able to do any yard work for a month after that so I better get done what I can now.

Yesterday was a sad day. We went to a friend's funeral. She was three years younger than me but has been fighting Parkinson's for ten years. She lost all muscle control, including speech, about two years ago. Her husband has earned the "Free Pass" to heaven for his devotion and care of her. He cared for her six days a week and always kept her looking great. It was a day of mixed emotions.

Today is a "legal" day. I meet with my nephew, the lawyer, to update our trusts and other stuff.

Well, before that I still have a house to spruce up, so I better get to it.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend.
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