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I subscribe and enjoy reading Ann Coulter's newsletter (don't agree but always good to have a different perspective)..she made an interesting point when she indicated that Rance Preibus and the RNC would pass Immigration tomorrow if they believed all the new citizens would vote Republican and if they really needed African Americans votes there would not be voter supression....a 58% African American turnout in the mid year elections this fall would get Rance's attention

Suppression of Rights takes 3X the energy then expanding rights to all Americans...the current RNC is trying to do it on two fronts...with African Americans thru voter supression and with Hispanics thru supression thru Immigration reform

The really sad part is I believe most Americans (including rank and file Republicans) don't support the RNC leadership position but are afraid to speak up...I applaud Jed Bush recent statement to try to bring reason into the debate

Both Jed and Bush 43 support a pathway to Citizenship...I suspect because Jed's wife, children, grandchildren and inlaws have given the Bush family a different perspective

The military can serve as a roadmap...every major war...when losses mounted the govenment promised a short cut to full citzenship that in civilian life they denied, if folks "volunteered" for front line combat (google the most decorated Army unit in both WW1&2, read the small print of Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation & Washington's call to arms for Slaves in Southern States to fight the British)...the Dream Act extends that same option...the elected officials who are most vocal against it probably don't know history
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