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Truck Cruiser...your State (TN) is not considered a "Swing State" (just as LA is not also)..this has caused one party to "focused" its voter supression strategy in 8-9 Swing Party's strategy has been as transparent as mud combined with gutting of the 1965 Voting Rights Enforcement Act by the SCOTUS (requiring Justice Department preapproval in 9 Southern States before a change in State Voting Laws can be implemented). When you add in low voter turnout for midterm elections (traditionally favors one Party) in the 2014 Senate elections, unlimited campaign donations thru PAC's (thanks to SCOTUS, again) and counting on minorities voting turnout to return to historic low levels (pre 2008 ),the Party out of power feels confident it can recapture the White House for 2016 and control both Houses of Congress
BTW, the RNC of today is much like the DNC (Southern Dixiecrats) pre 1965 in terms of voter surpression tactics..cable tv and talk radio pundits IMHO represent the extreme political fringes and not the real American American families become more multi cultural thru, children, marriage, work, school, social,serving together in the military, we expect our elected officials to find ways to be inclusive and tolerant, not exclusive thru suppression
A high voter turnout in November's midtern elections will put both political parties on notice to "clean up their act" and work together to find solutions to complicated issues. A low voter turnout will not be a good thing for our Country.....the American voting public has a way of suprising the political pundits..Thomas Dewey & Mitt Romney share a kindred spirit in that respect
The power of one person, casting (or not casting) his/her vote, in the 9 swing States in the 2012 elections, has resulted in the suppression tactics we are seeing now...if one does not vote in November, one cannot complain if they don't like the outcome
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