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I never understood why that particular date was chosen so I looked it up and it was an 1845 law passed by Congress based upon a 1792 statue time frame based upon an agricultural calendar

Why else would you want a Presidential Inaguration in freezing January in Washington DC

Early voting was implemented to allow greater flexibility for both employers and employees to accomodate work schedules and polling locations on a Tuesday...that seem to work fine until the 2008 elections....wonder wny

The RNC has spent alot of $$$$ playing a media game of bait and switch having the American public believe their efforts to establish tighter voter ID requirements is to prevent voter fraud while their end game has really been voter supression in select swing & southern states based upon the turnout in the 2012 election...just for fun go to YouTube and watch Karl Rove's infamous meltdown on FOX election night about Ohio (a key swing State)

Kharma flows in ways we cannot the 2012 election in the 9 swing states the reason why POTUS O'Bama was reelected was a higher then normal Female & Latino turnout and a much lower then anticipated White Male turnout....Mitt Romney was absolutely correct
when he talk about not needing the 47% because of the configuration of the Electorial College

I am glad to see the national spotlight is starting to be focused on the real reasons behind the RNC's motives...I hope the midterm elections will have the highest turnout in history in the States that have enacted the voting laws that were designed to suppress the turnout
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