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Almost all ships now offer their style of 'anytime' dining, so that concept is readily available on pretty much all cruise lines. And I'm really excited about the new Quantum of the Seas and it's very unique dining options - looks like they're offering something for everyone.

As for single rooms, others, including RCCL are considering the concept, but so far they haven't put it in practice yet. However, I do know that Holland America (and occasionally Celebrity) have been offering single rates without the double price a little bit more often than they were. Funny how that comes and goes. They were very good at it for a while, then went away from it, and are now starting to slowly come back to it.

Had a single client just a few weeks ago who called me and wanted to book a cruise on NCL. When I asked him why NCL, his response was it was cheap for singles. I asked if he had considered Holland America. His response was he loves Holland America and that would be his first choice, but it's too expensive. I then asked if he would mind if I did some research and see what I could do for him and, of course, he got excited about the possibility. Needless to say, he was really thankful when I found him a Holland America cruise that was exactly what he wanted and the price was only $50 more!

Not trying to push Holland America and I'm not trying to bash NCL, just trying to show that often there is more than one option available. It's like 'freestyle' dining - often people have the misperception that NCL is the only cruise line offering it, so they put their blinders on and don't consider anything else. Yet as I stated, pretty much everyone offers it now. So you just have to give your agent a chance to do some research for you and see if they can find something else to consider - might find that NCL is the best choice, but then again, you might also find a pleasant surprise you hadn't thought about.

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