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The quoting of a cruise fare without the 'non-commissionables' use to be the norm many years ago. Caused alot of confusion and people thought it was deceptive advertising because they would advertise a low price and then add the non-commissionables and the taxes, and the price would double. So they passed a law requiring everyone to advertise or quote the cruise fare and the non-commissionable fees as one price. And legally, they can no longer provide the cruise fare by itself.

If you remember, it was just recently that laws were passed requiring the airline industry to do the same thing because of all their additional amounts they would charge while advertising a very low fare.

Just about 2 weeks ago, RCCL announced they are changing their pricing policies. Prices on cruise lines' websites always provided a rate and then said, "Plus taxes and fees." Now, RCCL is showing the actual amount of the taxes and fees right on the website before getting to the end of the process making it easier for people to see what it's actually going to cost.

We'll see if that new trend takes hold with other cruise lines or not. It'll take a little while to get use to it, but I think it's a good change. Everyone in the industry is use to providing a quote and then saying the rate is per person plus tax, then not providing the tax amount. (I know I'm guilty and I need to change.)

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