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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
My mouth is hanging open. Really, China? Their market studies have found that this ship is best suited for short three-day trips out of Shanghai?

I guess having Adam move up to COO of the parent company was bound to lead to a few surprises, but this?

It feels like a betrayal - the U.S. has always had exclusive rights to new ships (after a brief Europe season where they are made, of course) for several years.

I could understand them sending Oasis over there, or a Freedom class - but not the brand new Quantum. Something about this just feels odd - anyone else agree?

Why do American's think they own the rights to every new ship. They don't Paul and as less than 5% of American's (Canadians too) have ever cruised, it's time to try something that might work. The American market is extremely soft and Quantum in particular isn't selling well at all. There are many reasons for this but the fact is - the Caribbean is soft and there are too many ships doing it.

As I listen to American's complaining about this new event, I have to wonder -

1. 5% have sailed.
2. Media portrays cruising as dirty and dangerous.
3. Costs go up but cruisers aren't willing to pay.
4. Cruisers want OBC and piles of perks with all sorts of complaints when they don't get their own way.
5. Lawsuits be filed and fed by the media.

There are a lot of other reasons, but the fact is the North American market is saturated for the moment and for the cruiselines to stay in business they have to go where the business is.

Going to Asia is actually a brilliant idea. Taking a new ship - why not. Asians and that area are not second class. Why shouldn't they have a new ship.

American's really have to get over themselves.
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