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Originally Posted by venice View Post
Like everything else going on today in politics...all is not what it appears to be...the gun raffle is a hook to capture email data base information that will be utilized by the RNC to get the vote out in 2014/16...the DNC was highly effective in 2012 using social media and the internet, when they cleaned the Republicans clock...give up your email address and other carefully scripted information, you are entered for a gun prize

Same concept when we enter online contest to win a free cruise on this site...instead of free cruise insert free hunting rifle

Notice how selective this approach is being used by the RNC which should tell us something about their motives....think swing States or in the States where the White Male turnout was lower in 2012&2008 then 2000 & 2004
Yes the DNC is/was more adept at using social media but the tactic to get email addresses, names and phone numbers isn't anything the DNC doesn't use or any major corporation. I now receive emails, informational, propaganda, and fund raising, from just about every Democratic member of the Senate, because I subscribed to, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar's newsletter.

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