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Mike & both make excellent most major cities with high rates of gun violence, there is a gun buy back program which is more symbolic then effective in getting unregistered firearms off the streets

By design, I Isubscribe to several conservative right wing Republican newsletters and am amazed on how off based their message is if they are trying to attracted a wider spectrum of voter diversity

I think Americans really have to make a committment to invest in actually researching an issue, attending public information (town hall) forums and asking questions starting at the local (grassroots) level rather then relying on social media , email inbox from Super PACS or watching cable news, listening to talk radio none of which provides information, but slanted towards preaching to a choir and by providing misinformation, does a disservice appears our tea party favorite conservative Louisiana Congressman who was caught kissing his female married staffer on tape, will not resign, return to Washingon and stand for reelection in the fall and let his district decide his fate, (as it should be) rather then resign under pressure from the RNC leaders...I think this is great on many levels
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