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Originally Posted by jmarie87 View Post
Hello! Can anybody with experience as entertainment staff help ease my mind a bit?

I'm about to start a 4 month contract with Holland America, performing as a HALcats singer on board the Westerdam in about two weeks. I'm absolutely crapping my pants!

It's my first time, I'll be on my own and away from my fiancee we got engaged in Paris almost three weeks ago. I'm dreading leaving. The prospect of being away from him for so long is causing me a lot of emotional stress. I applied to my agency when I was single, and when I found out that Holland America wanted me in January I said I wouldn't do it. My wonderful fiancee was also heartbroken, but told me I should go, as it's money for doing something I love and I'd regret not giving it a chance.

Anyway, back to cruise stuff...

There's a hell of a lot of repertoire to learn that I cannot possibly learn in such a short space of time before I embark. I haven't been given a list of what songs I will definitely be asked to play, only ones I should know, which spans about 250+ that I received from my agency in March. Will there be a chance to rehearse with the band before we perform? Will I be allowed to have lyrics in front of me, on a music stand, for the songs I don't know to begin with? I've been rehearsing on my own but haven't been able to get my head around how many songs there are to learn, although I imagine this will get easier with experience.

Also, what's a typical day like for an entertainer/singer? Has anybody seen the HALcats perform?

I'd really appreciate any advice and comments you could give.
Cruise Lines get very nervous about crewmembers posting on public forums. They get especially nervous when those same crew admit that they are not qualified to do their jobs properly. You might want to re-think any future postings.
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