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First off, I think people are underestimating the affluence of a growing number of professional people in China, as well as South Korea and Japan.
Both S. Korea and Japan are within a few hours flying distance to Shanghai.
Do not many people fly , both from abroad and from the U.S and Canada to cruise from Miami or Lauderdale? Sure they do.
Re / where RCCL places it's ships, Felix, I don't think any Americans will take to the streets to protest because RCCl decided to position a ship in another country--it's their ship-it's their gamble so let them have at it.
I think you over -react to people simply stating their displeasure with RCCl's decision to put the ship in China, especially after a lot of people had already
went through the process of scheduling vacations for certain times, making deposits on a cruise they thought they were going to be on, looking forward to same, etc, only to have RCCL change horses in mid -stream and screw a lot of folks up in their plans.
As to Americans getting passports, traveling abroad, etc etc, I think that's a slap you didn't have to make. Americans have for years been one of the most traveled groups of people in the world. No need to be insulting toward us --it's ok not to like us if that's what you want--by the way, do you vacation to the south or do you head north in the winter ?
Personally I've had a passport for many many years, have been to Europe a couple of times, to Brazil, Argentina, most everywhere in Central America, ( not counting Vietnam, as that was a freebie not requiring a passport )---heck, I've even been to Canada.
So it would be polite to not infer that Americans are spoiled, don't have passports, are out of step with the rest of the worked, etc.
My opinion only, so feel free to hammer it but don't do the hammering because I'm American.
OH, by the way--I have a Chinese friend who is a Phd--in the last 3 years he has been returning to China to teach at a large University there. He comes back home during the summer for a couple of months and then goes back to China.--he is going to move back--he makes more money there than he did here, has a 2 bedroom -2 bath apt. furnished to him, has health care and pays no rent--can ride a motor scooter to work for a few cents a day , and at the end of another 7 years, the apt will be his to live in as long as he wants--point being, as I said earlier, there are a number of affluent people emerging in Asia--so the U.S. and Canada aren't the only ones who can afford to cruise these days.
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