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It is a nice 73 degrees at the moment. Easter was nice, too. In the low 70's and a slight breeze. We had family Easter a week ago, so for us it was just church, dinner out (took a bit to find a place open) and a lazy rest of day.

Surgery went well. I already gave up the walker and am moving, but slowly. I have to hand it to the anesthesia guy - I awoke, ate and we drove home without even a hint of nausea; I even ate, again, when I got home. Have never had general with that kind of outcome!! Gotta get the recipe he used for sure! I hope Mike M. has as good of an outcome as I had. Prayers for him!

Nothing much more to report. Just another week of the same old, same old. DH worked early last night (yup, on Easter) and is working over all week, again. Like I said SOSO!!

Hope all have a good day and a great week!
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