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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
As to Americans getting passports, traveling abroad, etc etc, I think that's a slap you didn't have to make. Americans have for years been one of the most traveled groups of people in the world.
Just to back you up Ron and to shed some light on our fellow travellers from China and Europe.
Money is a very good predictor of travel. It was estimated that in 2009, German travelers shelled out a whopping $80.8 billion while outside their country, followed by the United States ($73.1 billion), the United Kingdom ($48.5 billion), China ($43.7 billion) and France ($38.9 billion). Rounding out the top ten were Italy, Japan, Canada, Russia, and the Netherlands.
Although these figures are from 2009, it does show what we were all saying.
In 2011 the UK spent $250 million on cruising alone and that's not all from UK ports, so we travel very well to other countries to cruise from. It isn't something new to us and travelling to the China Seas to cruise, wouldn't bother us either.
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