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A little more info on the Getaway, Jeff. The Tropicana is the very large MDR which has live music and a dance floor. If you do think you won't want to dine alone, or your party would like to join others, there is a daily sign up sheet by guest services in the lobby. ( you can ask the hostess, but odds are, everyone else in line just wants to dine with their own party. ) You would be restricted to a set time, I think it was 5:30, but there might be a late option, like around 9:00. No guarantees anyone else will sign up of course. You can also request a set daily reservation time, but again, there are restrictions on when this is available.

There are also two smaller and more intimate MDRs, Taste and Savor. On our cruise, we ate once in the Tropicana, once in Taste. No wait for either. We also had a meal in O'Sheehans, the 24 hour restaurant, the prime rib dinner, which was just OK. We thought the buffet had a lot of variety and was very good and we had a few meals there. Was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to find a table in the buffet at any time of day. There is a seafood buffet there with lobster tails, grilled shrimp and other fish dishes on Tuesday nights. We went after a show and no lines, plenty of lobster, and it was of good quality. Flamingos, the Cuban restaurant is great for a lunch. NCL is instituting new menus fleet wide which were available on our sailing. We thought the food in the free venues on this cruise was excellent and most people seem to think it is a significant improvement. We ate at Cagneys for a $30 up charge and it was well worth the money. One of the best steaks I have had anywhere, land or sea.
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