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Many of these collage football players would never see the inside of a university if it wasn't for a sports scholarship! Yes, these players are subjecting their bodies to injuries and most will never play pro ball, however, they are receiving a FREE education which can be used to find a good job when they graduate.

NCAA has, in my opinion, some really stupid rules which prohibit these players from making money while playing sports. While the collage might be paid for with the scholarship, there are living expenses that every student has and many of these players come from very poor families that can not help the student financially. Players have been suspended for University boosters giving jobs to the family members of students, where is the sense in that?

There needs to be a happy medium here and it is my hope that these lawsuit's will force the NCAA to loosen some of their Draconian laws and allow these players to make enough money to live decently while they are in school.
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