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Truck Cruiser...if you play Division 1 big time sports in most cases you are not receiving an education, free or otherwise...your academic course load is set by the athletic department so if you wanted to major in physics which had a 3 hour lab on Tuesday afternoon between 3-6 and you are on a football scholarship,guess where you will be

If you are on scholarship and suffer an injury, by NCAA regulations the coach cannot pull your scholarship, but he can put pressure on you to give it up to use for an inb ound athlete

Big time college sports is a cold hearted cut throat business, of which 19 year olders are a commidity and it's the exception, rather then the rule that they receive a quality education...

There are a few major college programs that are the exception to the rule but a parent really has to do homework to find them...If the NCAA was serious, they would put back in the freshman ineligible rule, which gives an 18 year old time to adjust in college...they would only give the coach the same amount of aid grants inbound equal to graduation rates within 5 years...the summer between 1st & 2nd year would be for summer school to earn at least 9 core credits (and pay them a stipend for "B" or better), so they could take a reduce course load during the academic year and meaning to the term "work/study"...ban booster clubs entirely and tie in classroom performance to a coaches bonus contract

Full disclosure, I am old and old school...I was in college during the 60's where one could follow the great UCLA basketball teams for 3 years and know the names of the starting 5 and athletes actually graduated and the Ivy League (with no scholarships in athletics) produced Bill Bradley & Calvin Hill....

IMHO there are four types of athletes who actually have a shot at receiving a real degree and play division 1 sports and accomplish both within 5 years..1) play division 1 minor (non generating revenue) sports, golf, swimming, track etc...of course the irony is tv contracts for football/basketball covers the cost to sponsor those teams...2) if you are a football player go to a conference and college campus (that is known for the area of study you want to major in) where basketball is "king"...your conference will allow you to play against top competition without the pressure of the spotlight...3) attend a military academy (where they require all cadets to have a balance between academic,military and sports)...4) have parents who have the strength and conviction and do the research to guide their gifted 17-18 year old child to a college where their education is the primary objective...

I both love and "cringe" every year during March madness...I always google the graduation rates of the "Final Four" teams and factor in by NCAA regulations provide for a significant number of exemptions (in football it's 31), which means the actual graduation rate is much a parent, am I sending my Son to receive an education or to play ball for 1 year and go pro
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